The Moomins and the Great Flood The Moomins and the Great Flood (2012)

Småtrollen och den stora översvämningen (1945)
Muumit ja suuri tuhotulva (1991)

In Tove Jansson's first Moomin book, Moomintroll and Moominmamma are looking for Moominpappa who has gone missing. They experience many dangers but in the end the family is happily reunited. Eventually the Moomins find a small valley, which is the most beautiful place they've ever seen.


Comet in Moominland Comet in Moominland (1951)

Kometjakten (1946)
Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti (1955)

Revised editions:
Kometen kommer (1968)

It's peaceful in Moominvalley. The new bridge has recently been painted, Moomintroll is fishing for pearls and Moominmamma is arranging seashells around the flower bench. Suddenly a storm starts approaching and other ominous signs begin to appear. Someone rearranges Moominmamma's jam pears and Moomintroll's pearls into a big star with a long tail, and the Muskrat talks about a fiery star that can turn everyone into mush.

Moomintroll and Sniff decide to go to the Lonely Mountains and ask for the advice of the professors at the observatory. It'll be a long and dangerous journey.


Finn Family Moomintroll (1950)

Trollkarlens hatt (1948)
Taikurin hattu (1956)

Revised editions:
Trollkarlens hatt (1968)

Moomintroll and his friends find a tall, black hat on the top of a mountain. They bring the hat home without knowing that it will transform Moominvalley into a playground of magic and oddities.

Strange clouds travel the skies; suddenly Moomintroll is transformed into a tarsier. The Moomins end up surrounded by the Hattifatteners and the Moominhouse becomes a jungle. Moominmamma gets her purse back, throws a great celebration party and a magician arrives in Moominvalley.


The Exploits of Moominpappa (1952)

Muminpappas bravader (1950)
Muumipapan Urotyöt (1963)

Revised editions:
Muminpappans memoarer (1968)

In this book, Moominpappa himself speaks of the early phases of the Moomins, back when he and his friends, the fathers of Snufkin and Sniff, lived their stormy youth.


Moominsummer Madness (1955)

Farlig midsommar (1954)
Vaarallinen Juhannus (1957)

The Moomins encounter the wonderful world of theatre and the amazing Emma. The curtain, the set, the script and the opening night; everything is odd, but Emma serves as a guide. Even Hemulens comes to see the play "The Brides of the Lion".


Moominland Midwinter (1958)

Trollvinter (1957)
Taikatalvi (1958)

Throughout time, the Moomins have slept through winter, from November to spring. One winter, something happened that had never been seen or heard of since the day the first of the Moomin fell asleep for the winter...


Tales from Moominvalley (1963)

Det osynliga barnet och andra berättelser (1962)
Näkymätön lapsi ja muita kertomuksia (1962)

Tales from Moominvalley is a collection of short stories. All sorts of strange things happen in the Moominvalley: The Fillyjonk finally experiences a tornado, and Snufkin is having problems composing a song for the spring. Moominpappa decides to uncover the secret of the Hattifatteners and retired Hemulens begin to build a gazebo. Also, a certain child becomes invisible...


Moominpappa at Sea (1966)

Pappan och havet(1965)
Muumipappa ja meri (1965)

In the middle of the open sea there's a small dot on the map that Little My claims to be nothing more than a speck made by a fly. It turns out to be a small island with a lighthouse on it. The Moomin family leaves their safe home in the valley and sail to the island for an adventure with Moominpappa as the captain.


Moominvalley in November (1971)

Sent i november (1970)
Muumilaakson marraskuu (1970)

It's November and it's raining. Suddenly summer is so far away that it seems like it was never there to begin with. The busy Hemulen, the frightened Fillyjonk, the lonely orphan named Toft, Grandpa-Grumble and the beautiful Mymble yearn to be back in Moominvaley, but the Moominfamily is gone and nobody knows where they went.

MOOMINBOOKS: Picturebooks


The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My (1953)

Hur gick det sen? Boken om Mymlan, Mumintrollet och Lilla My (1952)
Kuinkas sitten kävikään? Kirja Mymmelistä, Muumipeikosta ja pikku Myystä (1952)


Who Will Comfort Toffle? (1960)

Vem ska trösta knyttet? (1960)
Kuka lohduttaisi Nyytiä? (1960)


The Dangerous Journey (1978)

Den farliga resan (1977)
Vaarallinen matka (1977)



An Unwanted Guest (1980)

Skurken i Muminhuset (1980)
Outo vieras Muumitalossa (1980)

OTHER BOOKS: Novels and other prose


En romantisk bok för älskande (1965)

Onnelliset, rakastavaisten oma kirja (2017)


Sculptor's Daughter (1969)

Bildhuggarens dotter (1968)
Kuvanveistäjän tytär (1969)

The characters of this novel are very real, like Tove's mother and father. But just as "real" is the God, who lives behind the rock garden. These "memoirs" take place in her father's, sculptor Viktor Jansson's, studio in 1920's Katajanokka, and sometimes in summery Pellinki near the sea.
The book weaves together a child's everyday life in calm realism, sweetness and fairytale, fuelled by a bold imagination.


The Listener (2014)

Lyssnerskan (1971)
Kuuntelija (1972)

This first collection of short stories takes the reader far away from Moominvalley. Tove Jansson tells stories of children at play, artists at work, a woman whose friend was a squirrel, and a man who could not play. The stories are about what we experience in youth, love, getting older, and dying. She tells of loneliness that can be as stark as a lone, barren island at sea.


The Summer Book (1974)

Sommarboken (1972)
Kesäkirja (1973)

The book tells the story of the child named Sophia, her father and grandmother who spend their summers on a small island in the Gulf of Finland. Central to the friendship between the old woman and the very small girl are their reflections on life and death.


Sun City (1976)

Solstaden (1974)
Aurinkokaupunki (1975)

"I traveled across America, through Florida. One night I arrived in a city that was completely quiet. In the morning, it was still just as empty and quiet. In among the lush green foliage one could see open porches with long lines of rocking chairs, all facing the street. The silence was almost terrifying. Then I realized the city was a sun city, a city for the elderly, where the sun was guaranteed to shine all through the year. I call the city St Petersburg, but its name could just as well be something else. It's not a peaceful city, it's just as wild and exciting as everywhere else in the world. I have tried to write a book about what it's like to get old and I have described the love of two very young and beautiful people in the city of the elderly."

- Tove Jansson


Art in Nature (2012)

Dockskåpet och andra berättelser (1978)
Nukkekaappi ja muita kertomuksia (1980)

The actress, who stole another woman's soul, the tourist, who forgot himself out in the world, the flower child, who didn't want to grow up are among the twelve short stories in this collection.


True Deceiver (2009)

Den ärliga bedragaren (1982)
Kunniallinen petkuttaja (1983)

Artist Anna Aemelin has had a carefree life in her house for many years. Katri Kling is a person who knows what she wants and how to get her way. She weaves her way into Anna's life and moves in with her when snow nearly buries the small seaside village. Bit by bit, she takes over the entire house and everything changes.

It is an intense novel about the conflict between two people with different views on life, as well as about honesty and the many faces of betrayal.


The Field of Stones

Stenåkern (1984)
Stenåkern (1984)


Travelling Light (2010)

Resa med lätt bagage (1987)
Kevyt kantamus (1989)


Fair Play (2007)

Rent spel (1989)
Reilua peliä (1990)

Jonna and Mari are artists who rent different sections of the same apartment building. There's happiness, there's anger, and people living an all-around joyful life.

The two are very different, but that may be exactly why they can play fair.


Letters from Klara (2017)

Brev från Klara (1991)
Seuraleikki (1991)


Notes from an Island

Anteckningar från en ö (1996)
Haru, eräs saari (1996)



Viesti. Valitut novellit 1971-1997 (1999)


OTHER BOOKS: Picturebooks


Sara and Pelle, and the Water Spirit’s Octopuses

Sara och Pelle och neckens bläckfiskar (1933)
Pipu ja Kalle ja Ahdin mustekalat (1933)

Published under the pseudonym of Vera Haij

Revised editions:
Seikkailu Merenpohjassa (2014)



Mumin 1

Mumintrollet 1
Muumipeikko 1

The episodes:
Moomin and the Brigands, Moomin and Family Life, Moomin's Desert Island


Mumin 2

Mumintrollet 2
Muumipeikko 2

The episodes:
Moomin on the Riviera, Moomin's Winter Follies, Moominmamma's Maid


Mumin 3

Mumintrollet 3
Muumipeikko 3

The episodes:
Moomin Builds a House, Moomin Begins a New Life, Moominvalley Turns Jungle


Mumin 4

Mumintrollet 4
Muumipeikko 4

The episodes:
Moomin Falls in Love, Moomin and the Martians, Moomin and the Sea


Mumin 5

Mumintrollet 5
Muumipeikko 5

The episodes:
Club Life in Moominvalley, Moomin Goes Wild West


Muumipeikko 6

Mumintrollet 6

The episodes:
Snorkmaiden Goes Rococo, Conscientious Moomin


Muumipeikko 7

Mumintrollet 7

The episodes:
Moomin and the Comet, Moomin and the Golden Tail


Muumipeikko 8

Mumintrollet 8

The episodes:
Moomin Winter, Moomin Under Sail

Tove Jansson drew comics between 1954 and 1960. Tove's brother,
Lars Jansson, continued drawing the comics until 1974.

A total of 24 Moomin comic books has been published.


  • Mumintrollet och kometen 1949
  • Troll i kulisserna 1958
    (Muumit kulisseissa, translated into Finnish by Kirsi Kunnas, 2002)
  • Mumintrollen 1969
  • Mumindalen 1973
  • Muminoperan, Muumiooppera 1974
  • Orm i salongen 1974
  • Fönstret 1976
  • Lyssnerskan 1976
  • Gymnastiklärarens död 1976
  • Kvinnan som lånade minnen 1977
  • Dottern 1977
  • Tio före fyra 1977
  • Mumintroll i kulisserna 1982
    (Muumipeikot kulisseissa, translated into Finnish by Eila Maunu, 1994)
  • Dockskåpet 1986
  • White Lady 1986
  • Huvudrollen 1988
  • Den stora resan 1988


Tove wrote lyrics to several Moomin songs, some of which she made with her brother Lars. One of the more famous lyrics not related to the Moomin is titled Autumn Song.


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